This week has seen further growth and support for the Made in Cornwall project.

The scheme is designed to protect Cornish businesses, growers and makers that authentically produce in Cornwall and the provenance of their products to help “guard against imitation, globalism and misleading marketing”.

The Made in Cornwall Scheme also helps customers buy with confidence knowing the products, food and drink that they buy is genuinely Made in Cornwall and that the money they spend is pumped back into the local circular economy.

New members to sign up this week include Stevenson fishmongers in Newlyn, Cornish Golden Grains and Cornish Lavender, which is Cornwall’s only authenticated essential oil producer.

If you would like to know more about the Made in Cornwall scheme and how you or your business can do your bit to protect Cornish provenance and support the local circular economy please get in touch via, call 01872 888733 or visit the website.