Newquay Against Crime launches


Newquay Business Improvement District (BID) has launched a new collaboration with the local police force – Newquay Against Crime.

BID Manager, Mark Warren, gathered with Newquay PSCOs Ben Pessl and Liz Whitehall and local retailers to formally launch the new app-based shop safety system which is now available to all BID members who wish to participate.

Newquay Against Crime will use an information sharing system alongside programmes such as Shopwatch and Pubwatch. The app system helps local business communities, and their members, share information about offenders so they can protect their property, staff, customers – and their profits.

Warren said: “Our new Newquay Against Crime programme is important in helping to improve the overall security across the town. Our new app helps police to cooperate with local businesses who are dealing with potential low-level crime and, in collaboration with both Shopwatch and Pubwatch, brings additional linkages, crucial information sharing and connection opportunities.

“This in turn, will increase the safety and confidence of a business’ employees and decrease antisocial behaviour within Newquay’s town centre.”

PCSO Pessl said, “We’re delighted to work with Newquay BID and Mark Warren to launch Newquay Against Crime, using the new app as an additional tool alongside Newquay’s Shopwatch scheme.

“This will help to decrease the feeling of vulnerability felt by shops in the winter, when staff numbers are lower, as well as in the summer when shops are often highly crowded. Overall, the innovative, modern system adds protection and reassurance to businesses throughout the town through a multi-layered proactive prevention measure.”