Furniture business in the fast lane

Joey Foster in his Formula 3 days

A Cornish businessman has been identified on a list of 80 rural entrepreneurs to have reached annual sales of more than a £1 million.

Joey Foster is a former Formula 3 racing driver and started Roseland Furniture following a major injury and in six years has grown the business to a team of 30, including his brother in-law and father in-law.

“Cornwall might not strike most people as the best spot to start a national business,” he said, “but it’s easy to underestimate the power of the Internet, especially with the improving digital infrastructure.

“Having started very small scale selling excess furniture stock online from home, we now have multiple warehouses, exclusive production lines and have even expanded into bricks & mortar stores.

“The goal has always been to balance a successful, high growth business with the coastal lifestyle and Amazon has helped us achieve this.”