Dales celebrates 50 years of Renault


The Dales Cornwall car dealership has been presented with a trophy celebrating a fifty-year partnership with Renault UK.

The family-based business, which was launched in 1938 by Cyril Dale, is now chaired by his son Tony Dale.

Tony Dale said: “This is a tremendous milestone to achieve and I am proud of the work being done by our teams which make the partnership between Dales Cornwall and Renault UK a huge success.”

Today the business in run by the board of directors Dominic Cadge, Simon Peters and Jeremy Rouse along with Tony Dale’s daughters Sara and Carolyn and employs 140 people.

Renault UK MD, Vincent Tourette, added: “It is very important for me to be here today, because Dales Cornwall are a key partner and one that performs very well and represents our brand excellently and they put customer satisfaction at the top.”