Proof or dare!


Proofreading and copy-editing consultancy Lighthouse Proofreading is celebrating a successful first year in business.

Founded by Lorraine Williams, Lighthouse provides proofreading and copy-editing services to creative brands, marketing agencies and professional writers.

Based in Newquay, Williams works with businesses across the UK to deliver content that shines. The consultancy prides itself on being a seamless extension of client campaigns, providing a focused, impartial eye and fresh perspective.

Williams commented: “Lighthouse Proofreading has been gaining momentum since launching last year, working with a mix of fantastic businesses including some of Cornwall’s top creative agencies. My ethos centres on accuracy, clarity and enhancing quality, all with a bright approach.”

Adding testimony to Williams’ credentials, David McGuire, Creative Director of Radix Communications, added: “Copywriters often need to bend the ‘rules’ of writing – so I really value a proofreader who can tell a stylistic choice from a plain old mistake. Lorraine has that strength and is a real asset to Cornwall’s burgeoning writing community.”