Relief for Camborne shoppers


BID Camborne has saved the town centre’s last public toilet from closure after Camborne Town Council announced its decision not to provide funds for the facility over the winter.

The town council’s announcement came in a letter to BID Camborne Manager, Mel Martin, just days before the proposed closure date.

Martin said: “In anticipation of this decision BID Camborne had already set aside funds to keep the toilet block fully open through the winter and we have informed Cornwall Council.

“Although we recognise the disabled access toilet was never under threat, our members believe it’s of paramount importance for all visitors and shoppers to have access to a public toilet and that meant BID Camborne directors had no alternative but to find the money.

“We’re actively encouraging the public to lobby the town council to keep the toilet block open from April 2016 when it is currently scheduled to close. BID Camborne welcomes the Rest Room scheme but believes it needs time to develop.  We also believe that, as a visitor destination, a town the size of Camborne should offer at least one public toilet.”