The Cornish High Street launched


A new website has been launched to help small independent Cornish designers and producers reach a larger online audience.


The ‘Cornish High Street’ has been developed by Jenny Pickles and Emilie Calhaem, with the idea that selling together in one virtual ‘high street’ online can help Cornish companies reach a wider audience.

Calhaem said: “We as a company do the hard work, promoting the site, developing customer loyalty so that producers and designers can concentrate on doing what they do best, making and designing more beautiful things.

“Our ultimate aim would be to take The Cornish High Street as a brand to customer fairs and trade shows out of the country to help further promote the site and all the things that Cornwall has to offer even further.”

Pickles added: “It has been amazing the number of suppliers that we have coming on board with us.

“We are already actively developing our Christmas page and are keen to talk to Cornish Companies who offer experiences, courses and days out as we feel this will help us promote another aspect of the site.”

Producers and suppliers who are interested in joining The Cornish High Street should contact