Hawkins’ business specialist


The Hawkins Motor Group has appointed a new local business specialist.

Mark Turner
Mark Turner

With more than 20 years’ experience in finding the best transportation solutions for businesses of all sizes, Mark Turner has taken on the role at Hawkins of visiting traders, establishing their needs and finding the best vehicle to suit the customers’ requirements.

Not just stopping at cars and vans, he will also be able to provide 4work services, kitting out trade vehicles with the best in transportation storage solutions such as racking systems, plumber’s tube and SatNav equipment.

Johnny Hawkins, dealer principal of Hawkins St Stephen, said: “Having a local business specialist will allow us to get the best offers out there to each business we visit. It’s also really handy to be able to give personalised suggestions about the best fittings we can arrange.”

To find out how Mark Turner can help you with your business vehicle needs call him on 07527132343 or visit www.hawkins.co.uk.