Vote on Camborne logo


Camborne residents are being invited to vote on their preferred logo for the town.

Two potential designs have been created by local company Changing Brands, following weeks of consultation with the general public.

John Lowdon from Changing Brands said: “It’s been a brilliant project to be involved in so far. The people of Camborne have really got involved and shown exactly why it is such a pivotal Cornish community.


“Over 170 people responded to the ‘What’s your story Camborne?’ campaign and these responses have been instrumental in our approach to the future brand for the town.

“What has been very apparent is that residents and businesses alike want Camborne to be vibrant and clean so the branding needs to reflect that.

“There is also a huge amount of history attached to the area, which everyone is really proud of and we have brought elements of that into the two designs.”

The organisers now want you to help decide the final version by voting for your favourite.

The two designs are on display at Cross Street News in Camborne until May 12, but to have a look now and to vote online by clicking here.


  1. It has got to be Option 1 for me. I believe it looks good and it also fits in well with history and tradition of this beautiful area. Would look forward to see other’s views on this…


  2. I have just contacted Philip about looking at the engine within the logo to see how we can add more authenticity at the same time as keeping it as clear as possible when used at a reduced size for instance. Thanks all.

  3. Hi Philip – just to check that you’ve also made the same point on the official online page for the consultation/vote, here:

    (This page is reporting on the consultation, it’s not the consultation itself, and I don’t know whether comments posted here will be taken into account!)

    I know they’ve worked really hard to take account of the 170+ responses they received from the initial campaign before drawing these designs up, though.

  4. Option 2.
    The Trevithick Society has added and registered the strap line for our intended occupation of the former Holman Bros building in Trevu Road, Camborne as,
    ‘Camborne, Cradle of Locomotion’

    We would require a discussion with the town if there is a move to adopt this for general use.

    We would also like to discuss the design of the locomotive logo if it is intended to use the one depicted above.

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