Council trials free parking scheme


Cornwall Council is continuing its series of parking offers with a new scheme offering free parking for half an hour in all Council run car parks.

The offer, which begins on March 1 and runs until April 20, has been developed in response to calls from some local businesses for a free first half hour of parking to allow people to make a flying visit to their local town centre.

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The Council says it will be monitoring the response to this offer to assess how much demand there is for free half hour parking and where that demand is greatest.

Bert Biscoe, the Council’s cabinet member for transport and waste, said: “It is very important that car parks should contribute to the competitive environment of our town centres, and that the Council should manage the car parks to support local businesses.”

“These trials are an effort to understand what measures, when and in which places, we can use in future to enhance trading, improve accessibility for people needing to come into town centres for services, and to sustain car parks income to contribute to the maintenance of the road network.”

However, the Council says it would be too costly to change the pay and display machines in all the Council run car parks for the trial, so anyone wanting to take advantage of the offer will need to use the RingGo mobile phone payment service.

First time users will be required to provide some initial information and so they may find it easier to register online at


  1. IF the Council were smart they would adopt the American model … free parking but the shops charge an extra 3% that goes back to the Council. That way it makes going into the town much more of an inviting proposition, people would spend more which would put the life back into the town centres !!

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