Cuckoo Vine fights the hawks


A new Cornish online venture is aiming to “champion businesses with values”.

Launched in September, the Cuckoo Vine community has rapidly grown, featuring services and companies for whom it is about more than just making money.

The website is the brainchild of Mike Carthew, who explained: “The idea came after I’d been stung by a used car salesman and a roofer both within a couple of weeks. It was painful how little consumer protection I had. I found that unless you have a faulty product and a receipt, you’re stuffed!

“I decided on the spot to try to come up with a way of tackling this. I flipped the normal approach on its head though and decided not to rant about rogue traders, but to celebrate businesses with integrity and values.”

To date Cuckoo Vine has proved a useful tool for small businesses in Cornwall and beyond, but Carthew feels there is potential for bigger business on a wider scale, who take their corporate social responsibility seriously.

“I honestly believe that by supporting businesses that focus on more than just profit, we stand a much better chance of building a robust and healthy economy,” he said.

“Cuckoo Vine aims to do this without the negative ‘blame culture’ model of many consumer driven websites. I want Cuckoo Vine to celebrate the businesses who have pride in their values; they’re the key to a brighter future.”



  1. This is a great idea, there are many businesses in Cornwall that really deserve a platform to celebrate their values. Here’s to Cuckoo Vine!

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