New clothing company launch


A new Cornish clothing company is set to launch next month.

Jo Lake had the idea for Chufstuf several years ago, but decided that now was the right time to take the idea forward.

She said: “It’s a difficult trading environment at the moment, so if we can make the business work now, then I know we will be in a good position when the market place changes.

“I was also adamant that we use local companies where possible for anything that we can’t do ourselves, so everything apart from the garment manufacture is done in Cornwall.”

The company takes its name from the iconic Cornish Chough. Lake added: “The Chough has always been a huge part of Cornish history appearing all over the place. They have amazing playful characters and are fantastic to watch in the air.

“I wanted to incorporate this into our brand. We’ve taken Charlie, our first Chough, out to several shows over the summer and he has proved a big hit with locals and tourists and I am excited about taking him forward in new designs and situations.”



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