Fish industry supports skills initiative

Iceberg Ltd employees (l-r): Nigel Cork and Raymond Willis with Annie Sibert

The local fish industry has supported a south west skills initiative by attending a Fish Filleting course, the first to be delivered as part of the Regional Seafood Industry Skills project.

Six fish industry representatives from across the region spent a day perfecting their knife skills under the expert guidance of Annie Sibert, Seafood Skills Programme Leader for Seafood Cornwall Training Ltd.

Thanks to funding from South West Food and Drink, all the individuals and businesses involved benefitted from subsidised training and spent a day learning how to gut, fillet, skin and steak a variety of species of fish, all caught and landed in the south west.

Sibert commented: “We were thrilled to have candidates from all aspects of the supply chain represented on the first course; each person gained a huge amount of confidence as they worked their way through the various techniques required to pass the course. By the end of the day, all were all content and competent tackling round and flat fish as well as butterflying mackerel and sardines.

Brand new kitchen facilities and the stunning location provided by Penwith College ensured that the course was presented in a very professional environment, making the learning process much more enjoyable.”

Pablo Munoz, MD of Iceberg Ltd, one of region’s largest fish exporters and processors sent three employees onto the course and commented: “Our employees found the course very informative and a thorough grounding in the skills required for efficient fish filleting. We look forward to attending more courses run by Seafood Cornwall Training in the near future.”

Further dates for funded courses will be scheduled according to demand across Cornwall, Devon and Dorset during the next year. The first fishmongery course is confirmed to take place on Friday November 5, starting with an early visit to Newlyn fish market.

All three training programmes have been developed by Seafish and anyone from the seafood sector involved in the catching, processing, marketing, selling, cooking, serving or distribution of fish can take part.

For further information about the course dates, cost of courses and further details visit the Seafood Cornwall Training website.