Brewery invests in beer monitoring technology


St Austell Brewery has installed Brulines’ i-draught system into more than 40 of its pubs, giving tenants a vital tool to monitor their business.

The brewery, which has 170 pubs across Devon and Cornwall, is one of the first companies in the south west to install the new i-draught beer quality and dispense monitoring system into its tenanted pubs.

The i-draught system offers far more than just dispense monitoring and, according to tenanted estate manager Jim Sloan, will provide tenants with valuable intelligence about their business and help them to improve beer quality and manage costs.

He said: “i-draught offers a wealth of information from the beer temperature at the point of dispense to the amount of beer sold through a particular font.

“The data it provides on line cleaning, cellar temperatures and point of dispense temperatures, gives us, as a brewery, the reassurance that our products are being served correctly and highlights any areas that need addressing either by our tech service department or onsite training.”

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