Survey seeks St Austell feedback


Residents of St Austell are invited to share their suggestions to help shape the future of the town, following the award of fresh funding from the Council.

The Town Vitality Fund has awarded a £140k grant to the St Austell Town Revitalisation Partnership – which is a collective of local businesses, organisations and the Town Council.

The partnership is encouraging residents to share what they’d like the funding to be spent on, by providing feedback on the ‘Our Town St Austell’ Facebook page.

It’s hoped that the funding will assist with the town’s Covid-19 pandemic recovery, enable communities to reconnect and improve the environmental and economic aspirations of St Austell – and safeguard it for future generations.

James Staughton, chair of the St Austell Town Revitalisation Partnership, said: “We have a wonderful new opportunity to invest in our town and make a real difference to improve the long-term revitalisation of St Austell. We’d love to hear from local people about their ideas and suggestions, so that we can work together to create a positive impact for the benefit of our communities.”

The St Austell Town Revitalisation Partnership’s work is already underway, having developed a series of sub-projects which address the overarching goal of the vitality and economic viability of St Austell town centre. After 12 months the project will have a set of documented outcomes to form both immediate and longer-term goals for St Austell.

To join the conversation, share ideas and suggestions please find the Our Town St Austell page on Facebook, email and to find out more about the partnership’s work, click here.

To take part in the online survey, please click here.


  1. St Austell Town is full of empty shops and consists of mainly estate agents, banks and second hand shops. Visit anytime of day and meet the loud mouthed resident smackheads and alcoholics 🤨 . Personally I would avoid the place at all costs!

  2. St Austell Town apart from numerous empty shops has estate agents, banks and second hand shops but consists mainly of loud mouth smack – heads and drunks. Best avoided at all costs if possible!

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