Young people across Cornwall are being given the chance to have their voices heard by the G7, when it comes to Cornwall in June.

Cornwall Council is supporting a campaign by the Future Leaders Network to ensure young people in Cornwall have their say on the biggest issues of today and the future.

Ahead of the summit, young leaders from each of the G7 states will assemble to develop, negotiate, and propose policy recommendations on behalf of young people to present to heads of state.

This process is known as the Y7 and the summit will take place in early May. It is a unique opportunity to champion the voice of young people at the highest level of international decision making.

Leader of the Council, Julian German, said: “This is a great opportunity for young people across Cornwall to get involved with the G7 and to talk directly with leaders from around the world.  We want young people to talk about what they are passionate about, what concerns they have around the future; whether that is jobs, the environment or some of the humanitarian crises around the world.”

CEO of the Future Leaders Network, and Chair of the Y7 2021, Sophie Daud said: “The pandemic has disproportionately affected young people’s lives now – disrupting their education, employment and life chances – but it will also have the most significant consequences for their future, in terms of social, economic and political consequences.

“The Y7 2021 is an opportunity for young people to take their seat at the table with world leaders and ensure their voice, and the voice of future generations, is heard and reflected in international response and recovery plans. If you want something to change in the world – this is your chance to make it happen!”

Click here to take your seat at the table, where you can fill in the survey, attend a focus group, or both. The survey ends on Wednesday (March 17) and focus groups will run until the end of the month.