A new project has been launched for south west exporters in the marine sector, with applications closing next week.

The initiative will use augmented reality (AR) to enable businesses to showcase their products across the world without having to travel.

Three companies will be selected for the project, with immersive AR experiences being produced to enable international buyers to understand how the product works while demonstrating its unique capabilities.

Render has been appointed as the contractor to roll out the AR technology for the three companies that will be selected. Operations director, Nadine Miles, said: “The current global situation has made it more important and more challenging than ever for marine companies looking to export to get their products in front of potential customers.

“AR is an incredibly powerful way to do this because it enables them to meet and collaborate virtually with both prospects and colleagues and do this with photo real 3D models of their innovative products or process in the room with them.

“When you add to this the reduced need for travel and that it can be used again and again it is both very economically and environmentally efficient.”

According to The World Economic Forum, digital technology can help to reduce emissions by 15% through the reduced need for transport through remote working.

The maritime sector contributes around £12 billion to the UK’s exports and the project will support the Government’s five-year maritime plan for the UK which aims to support the sector to capture significant global market share in important technologies. This will improve the environmental performance of the global maritime industry.

Paul Shand, DIT’s head of trade in the south west, said: “This project is a fantastic opportunity for marine companies in the South West to continue to showcase their products to overseas buyers while reducing their carbon footprint.

“Covid-19 has created some challenges for businesses, but it is through initiatives such as these that firms can become resilient to economic instabilities and grow their business through nurturing relationships with overseas buyers.”

Applications to apply for the opportunity close at midnight on Wednesday December 16. More information and the link to apply can be found here.