CORMAC looks up country


Following the success of CORMAC Solutions in delivering cost effective highways services in Cornwall, senior CORMAC staff are in discussions with Nottinghamshire County Council over plans to jointly deliver their highways services from October 2015.

CORMAC Solutions is wholly owned by Cornwall Council and its portfolio of services extends to grounds and open spaces, design and maintenance, facilities management, supply chain and support services and construction.

The proposal, which involves the creation of a new jointly-owned company to deliver highways related services, will be considered by Nottinghamshire County Council next week, when its members will be asked to support the development of a business case with CORMAC.

Adam Paynter
Adam Paynter: “Exciting opportunity”

Once completed the business case will be submitted to both authorities for further consideration.

Announcing details of the proposal, Adam Paynter, Cornwall Council’s cabinet member for partnerships, said this was an exciting opportunity.

“With dwindling budgets it is important that the Council makes best use of all its assets, including CORMAC,” he commented.

“Continuing to support CORMAC in its endeavours to provide economic benefits to Cornwall through the exploration of business opportunities such as this, will help contribute to a reduction in the overall cost of the services CORMAC provides to Cornwall Council.”

“As well as the potential financial benefits to Cornwall and the Council, these arrangements will also ensure that best practice is shared in the local government community. Nottinghamshire County Council will see savings and better services in their area.”

The MD of CORMAC, Arthur Hooper, is delighted at the opportunity to work with Nottinghamshire County Council.

“This is a very exciting time for CORMAC,” he said. “Over the past 12 months CORMAC has also been accepted onto Somerset County Council’s capital delivery framework, which allows us to bid for contracts in this area, and we have recently secured a number of surfacing contracts in the Swindon area.

“We are currently in discussions with a number of other local authorities regarding their future delivery options as we attempt to build on CORMAC’s recent successes.

“The creation of the new company with Nottinghamshire will enable us to create new jobs in both Nottinghamshire and Cornwall at the same time as bringing much needed revenue back to the Council.”