Affordable housing for Mevagissey


Westcountry Land has secured planning permission to build 31 affordable homes in Mevagissey.

Artist’s impression of house design for the project

It has taken two years for Westcountry Land to prepare the case for planning permission. Concern was expressed by some members of the community over the impact on the landscape but Cornwall Council considered that the acute need for affordable housing outweighed the impact on the landscape.

The houses will be in keeping with the character of the village and will feature slate and natural stone.

Director John Schuttkacker believes that it is the right result for the fishing village. He said: “Mevagissey has become a magnet for tourism and for second home owners, resulting in people who live and work there struggling to find themselves a home.

“Yes, it’s been an emotional issue of developing the land but in this case there is a dire need.”

Spread over three acres, the affordable houses in Mevagissey will range in price from £71,250 to £106k and some will enjoy uninterrupted sea views.

Development is expected to begin in autumn 2013.