UK work-life balance out of skew


According to research commissioned by the Cornwall Development Company (CDC), the recession has done little to improve the nation’s work-life balance.

The Balancing Act report canvassed the views of 3,000 workers from across the UK and concluded that 35% of the country’s workforce are working longer hours as they fear for their jobs.

A third of people (29%) questioned in the study blame additional responsibilities; while 21% cite understaffing; and a similar number (18%) hold the rising cost of living responsible for longer hours. One-in-five (19%) go as far as to say they fear for their job.

Dr Alexandra Beauregard, a lecturer in employment relations and organisational behaviour at the London School of Economics, commented: “During tough economic times, organisations may think of work-life balance as a luxury they can do without. This is a short-sighted perspective; maintaining a motivated and productive workforce is more important than ever in an economic downturn.”

CDC chief executive Suzanne Bond added: “The value of work-life balance has been thrown into the spotlight by economists and politicians with the Government’s plans to measure the nation’s happiness. This report firmly underlines the business case for a good work-life balance.

“As the economy recovers and bosses seek to drive growth, top talent and a motivated workforce will be crucial to success. Providing employees with a good work-life balance may be the vital ingredient for many businesses.”

Anyone can put their own work-life balance to the test by clicking here. A copy of the research can be downloaded here.



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