Council backs Port plans


Cornwall Council cabinet today unanimously approved proposals for the development of the Port of Falmouth that will create and protect thousands of jobs.

The Port of Falmouth Masterplan, which sets out a range of ambitious plans for the docks and the surrounding area, received an enthusiastic welcome at the cabinet meeting at County Hall.

The Masterplan has been developed after consultation with the public to ensure Falmouth is maintained and developed as a successful and viable operational port which brings economic growth to Falmouth, Cornwall and the south west.

Cornwall Council’s cabinet voted to endorse the Masterplan and formally adopt it as background to relevant planning decisions.

Mike Varney, Cornwall Council member for Falmouth Boslowick, told the meeting: “This is phenomenal news and not just for Falmouth. It will be to the benefit of the whole of Cornwall and beyond.”

One of the proposals is the dredging of a new approach channel to the Docks, which would be of great economic benefit as larger ships including cruise ships would then be able to access the port.

Cllr Varney said that Cornwall Council should “champion a solution” to the issue of dredging and work with central government to find a way forward.

The Masterplan states that with the implementation of the proposals total full-time jobs at the port should increase by 54% between 2010 and 2015 – from 1,401 to 2,165 – and by 138% by 2030 – increasing to 3,335.

Chris Ridgers, Cornwall Council cabinet member for Economy and Regeneration, said: “This represents a very significant milestone for the Port of Falmouth.”

The proposals, which centre around Falmouth Docks, set out projects for the next five years, as well as for the longer term up to 2026. These include modernising ship repair facilities, upgrading wharves at the docks, improving bunkering services and providing a new superyacht basin, workshops and associated facilities.