Councillors plan lapdancing club trip


Cornwall Council has come under fire over plans to send a 12-strong licensing committee on a fact-finding trip up country to visit lapdancing clubs.

Apparently, the trip is to help them gain a better understanding on how these establishments operate, before new rules are introduced to regulate the small number of sex entertainment venues in Cornwall.

Under new laws, lapdancing clubs are to be reclassified as “sex encounter establishments” and local communities will be given greater powers in opposing their licences.

Members of the committee believe they need to be “as informed as possible” when making decisions on new businesses once the new laws are in place, hence the reason for the trip.

The council has said it will endeavour to make the trip as cost effective as possible, but Matthew Elliott, chief executive of The Taxpayers’ Alliance has questioned whether this is an effective use of public money.


He said: “To claim that they need to do this as a fact-finding mission makes a mockery of the system.

“If they really feel they need to make this visit, why not send one member to go and then report back, at least then they would be spending less taxpayers’ money on this ridiculous exercise.”


  1. I can’t believe what I am reading…!! The legislation is in place, the criteria clearly explained about what a Sexual Entertainment Venue is. The two clubs in Newquay have been investigated by the police, a tv programme and a Licencing Committee Review. The full nudity at these clubs clearly makes them SEV’s in the new legislation….What is there to “fact find” about? This is a clear waste of tax payers money…this news item featured on national radio on Saturday, on comedy as an item of ridicule”

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