Meeting to ‘fully appraise’ public on ferry link


Local MP, Andrew George, will chair a public meeting next Friday (October 9) to report the latest news on the plans for Penzance Harbour under the Isles of Scilly Ferry Link project.

Councillors from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly recently published a statement stating that they believe that the people of Penzance were not “fully appraised” of many aspects of the Scilly’s Link project. George has therefore called a meeting to give local people the opportunity to be updated and to ask questions. Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly Councils, local groups like the Friends of Penzance Harbour and the Chamber of Commerce have been invited to come and say their piece.

George said: “This is an important project and the funding deadline means that the remaining decisions about Penzance Harbour need to be taken quickly.

“Cornwall Council needs to decide whether it presses on with the unpopular proposal to build on Battery Rocks Beach or to manage the freight operation using an out-of-town freight terminal in the Long Rock area. This is a chance for local people to be both informed and consulted.”