First day at work for Super Council


Cornwall’s new Super Council gets down to work for the first time today.

Cornwall Council, as the new unitary authority is known, replaces the seven district councils and existing County Council. County councillors will, however, remain in office until elections for the 123 new unitary councillors take place on June 4.

The new council is part of the biggest shake-up UK local government has seen in 30 years, with six other counties also now falling under new council areas.

Cornwall Council will have an annual budget of nearly £440 million and a staff of more than 22,000, making it the largest single employer in the county.

The new council’s chief executive, Kevin Lavery, said that initially, however, people would probably not notice much change. He said: “While we have exciting plans to improve the services currently provided by the County and District Councils, and to introduce new ones, this will take place over a longer period of time. Our aim for April 1 has always been to provide business as usual by ensuring that residents receive the same quality of services they received on 31 March.”