Council logo goes back to basics


It has today been announced that the controversial new One Cornwall council logo is to be ditched in favour of the more traditional emblem.

Members of the One Cornwall Implementation Executive have decided to revert to using the Cornwall County Council logo with a change in name from Cornwall County Council to Cornwall Council.

This logo, which features the traditional Cornish symbols of the Chough and the shield and 15 bezants, replaces the design adopted by the Implementation Executive last June, which critics complained resembled the hair style of boxing promoter Don King. 

'Don King' logo shelved
'Don King' logo shelved

At that time members of the Implementation Executive felt strongly that Cornwall Council should have a new and distinctive logo to emphasise the fact that this was a brand new Council for Cornwall.  Since then, however, some people have expressed concerns at the lack of a traditional Cornish look to the design.

Announcing today’s decision, David Whalley, Chair of the Implementation Executive, said: “Members of the Implementation Executive made the original decision to have a new logo rather than retain the Chough and shield of the County Council to show that this was a fresh start for local government in Cornwall”.

“Councillors did not intend to ignore the county’s heritage and, in fact, made it very clear that the traditional Cornish crest with the miner, fisherman and Chough will continue to be used by the Council for ceremonial purposes.

“We appreciate, however, that some members of the public continue to be unhappy with the design.  As a result we have decided to continue to use the logo which has been associated with Cornwall County Council.  This celebrates the county’s heritage at the same time as marking the change to the new Cornwall Council”.

“There were many people who welcomed the new logo as a sign of a new start.  Now that the Implementation Executive has made a decision to revert to the old logo, we hope that members of the public will all recognise that this is the time for us to work together to make Cornwall Council a success”.

The introduction of the new Cornwall Council logo will be phased in over a four year period to keep costs to a minimum, with the main customer sites used by the public, customer service staff and library vans identified as the top priorities for the first day.