The Government’s Broadband Upgrade Fund campaign launches in Cornwall today to help businesses, employees and countryside communities take advantage of all the benefits associated with faster and more reliable internet connections.

The Government is offering rural residents up to £1.5k and small to medium sized businesses up to £3.5k to upgrade to gigabit broadband, which is capable of download speeds of 1 gigabit (1000 megabits) per second and is much faster than the current speeds experienced across Cornwall.

Upgrading to gigabit broadband will mean homes and businesses in Cornwall will have the world-class, future-proof and reliable internet connections they need to keep pace with new advances in technology, and the jobs and growth that comes with it, in the decades to come.

Encouraging communities to come together, residents and businesses can combine their interest to increase the overall fund the community is entitled to. Registration is open until September 30, and rural residents and business owners in Cornwall are encouraged to check if they are eligible.

Digital Infrastructure Minister, Matt Warman said: “Better broadband enhances people’s lives and the Government is making it easier for rural communities in Cornwall to access the economic and social benefits of gigabit-capable broadband.

“Those suffering with slow internet speeds can receive a significant contribution towards the costs of getting quicker and more reliable internet connections into their homes or businesses through this initiative.

“I urge people to sign up to find out if they’re eligible for this next-generation broadband boost.”


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