The Cornwall Business Forum has revealed the results of a snap poll it recently carried out among members with regards to Brexit.

CEO, Kevin Oliver, explained: “With all of the confusion about Brexit, with Cornwall Chamber of Commerce writing to MPs asking them to support the May Deal based on ‘anecdotal research’ and Cornwall Council supporting a Peoples Vote without saying what the terms of that vote should be, we have been conducting a poll of our member businesses.

“We have received plenty of comments that show member businesses are frustrated/angry with the politicians and the EU.”


  1. The May Deal  =  14%
  2. Leave the EU on 29/03/19 if necessary without a deal  =  40%
  3. A Second Referendum, to include the option of remain  =  44%
  4. Other  =  2%

Oliver said the “Other” votes were for the Goverment to continue negotiation and then leave, while the vast majority of those supporting the May Deal are for Brexit.

“If our poll is a fair representation,” added Oliver, “then Cornwall Chamber of Commerce are way out of touch with the views of business in Cornwall.

“Cornwall Council seem to have backed a Peoples Vote because they think that people have changed their minds about Brexit. If anything, our responses would indicate that split is the same as it was in 2016 and there is a hardening of the positions on Brexit.

“All of our MPs have been advised of the poll.”


  1. Ok, Kevin. It looks like nothing new there
    54% leave “any damn way you can”
    46% “remain anyway you can”
    Of course this view of the 46% means you accept those advocating a second vote are ‘remainers’ if they’re not then the percentages are actually heavily weighted to the ‘leavers’
    Truthfully ,all who call for a second vote or say voters have changed their minds are only seeking a ‘best of two! Option.

  2. We undertook the poll, so that we could communicate our members views to our MPs before the vote that was scheduled for tomorrow. Mrs May has just announced that the vote is to be postponed. All of the political focus is on the Northern Ireland backstop, but that has not been mentioned by our members as a reason for them not to support Mrs May’s “deal”. They cite the lack of clarity on future trade both with and outside the EU; the huge divorce payment and the withdrawal of voting and veto rights, whilst laws are effectively made for us by the EU.

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