Chamber offers Brexit advice

Cornwall Chamber CEO Kim Conchie

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce conducted a piece of research with its members earlier this year and uncovered a resounding theme around businesses’ need for improved communications around Brexit.

Cornwall Chamber is accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce, meaning it receives regular updates and feedback from the BCC on a range of business issues. This includes information about changes to export procedures and the impact of Brexit.

With the introduction of the Brexit and Your Business page to the Chamber’s website, businesses have a go-to source of Brexit information. Cornwall Chamber has also created a communications newsletter to deliver updates on relevant changes and news releases about the UK’s forthcoming departure from the EU. Those interested in receiving these alerts can sign up to Cornwall Chamber of Commerce’s Brexit communications list using this link.

CEO Kim Conchie said: “Businesses have many anxieties about the potential impacts of Brexit on Cornwall. As the voice of business in the Duchy, we aim to provide reassurance and practical solutions to help prepare in the face of uncertainty.”

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Brexit Conference at Pendennis Castle on September 21. This is a follow-up to last year’s successful What Next for Cornwall? event, which saw speakers from Brussels indicate the areas in which Cornwall may be most impacted. This year’s event also sees controversial Pro-Brexiteer Lord William Dartmouth speak, and includes a spokesperson from Cornwall Council. Book now to receive the agenda.