Feritech Global has announced the launch of a new product which is expected to create a step change in subsea geotechnical surveying.

The ‘Sealance’ brings the various functions required for geotechnical surveying together in one streamlined product, enabling significantly reduced timescales for projects.

Feritech Sealance

The Sealance is an adaptable survey device offering simultaneous deployment of up to three geotechnical tools. It claims to offer the most comprehensive range of equipment currently available on the market. Sampling can be achieved using the two powered feed systems, coupled with any two of the following tools: Vibrocorer, Cone Penetration Testing equipment, push corer or rotary coring drill. The Feritech heat flow system can also be deployed simultaneously.

Rob Ferris, MD of Feritech Global, said: “The new Sealance benefits from a bespoke twin tool deployment system with additional integrated heat flow, the first of its kind. Because two tools and heat flow can be deployed simultaneously, this greatly reduces the length of time needed to complete a site survey, especially in deep water.

“Of course, reduced project time also leads to very significant cost savings. With the cost of hiring a vessel running anywhere up from £20k a day, saving several days on a project immediately delivers real cost reductions. We also expect that the Sealance will be smaller, lighter and less expensive than its competitors. The impact of this product on the geotechnical surveys market will be huge, delivering a step change in efficiency.”

Feritech is a leader in geotechnical surveying and has worked for clients around the globe, including recent projects in Australia and west Africa. The company also designs and manufactures innovative products and opened a new £3 million Innovation Centre near Falmouth in Cornwall this year.