Oltco dumps plastic packaging


Resin driveway specialist Oltco is switching its plastic packaging for recyclable tin.

The Newquay-based company has long been aware of the damaging impact waste plastic has on the environment and this led to the launch of Recycle Bound, a sustainable resin driveway solution made utilising waste plastic.

Since it was founded in 2004, Oltco has grown a wide network of franchisees and employees and directors Johnny Pearce and Tom Stringer wanted to include the entire team during this process. The new packaging has been tried and tested on site with Oltco’s franchisees to ensure that it is suitable for the job and has been met with resounding success.

Pearce said: “This was an easy decision for us but one that took a lot of time to finalise, and we couldn’t be more excited with the results. More companies should be choosing the planet over profit and we’re proud to be doing just that.”

Stringer added: “We discussed the new packaging with each member of the Oltco team and found their insight incredibly valuable.”