SAPC showcased around the world


Two recent SAPC printing projects which fuse print and digital platforms have been featured in a special showcase alongside a number of prominent brands from across the world.

In 2019, SAPC worked with local agency Studio Wallop to embrace augmented reality across a selection of their marketing materials. This enables the print to ‘come to life’ when viewed through the free Zappar app on a phone or tablet.

These projects have recently been featured in a special Zappar showcase, where the technology company highlights some of the most impressive and notable AR projects of the last few months.

SAPC turned heads with its 2019 Christmas Card whose design revealed a 3D forest made of paper. Meanwhile the pages of its new brochure fall-away to reveal videos of the various processes in the factory.

SAPC’s card and brochure are featured in the showcase alongside projects for Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC), the Dallas Mavericks NBA team and the Vancouver Canucks NHL teams.

SAPC’s marketing and communications manager, Matt Bunt, said: “We are always looking for ways to demonstrate how when fused together, printed and digital marketing are excellent bedfellows. We’ve had such great feedback from people on both the Christmas Card and Brochure and it’s started some good conversations about how they can start to embrace AR in their publications too.

“We were approached by Zappar to be featured as one of their highlights, and to be alongside such prominent brands is very humbling. I’d like to thank Kim and Stephen at Studio Wallop for bringing our print to life in such an eye-catching and engaging way.”