St Austell Printing Company (SAPC) has introduced a new delivery management system designed to help decrease its carbon footprint, save time and improve customer experience.

SAPC runs a fleet of vans which make dozens of deliveries across Cornwall every day. The new software securely holds all the details of that day’s orders and automatically creates the best route for the deliveries. It optimises the route based on a combination of distance, delivery weights and live traffic conditions to ensure the carbon-generation is as small as it can be.

Beth Mayman, SAPC operations manager, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we’re pleased to introduce this new system to help with our ongoing commitment to the environment.

“We’re looking at options to replace our fleet with electric and hybrid vans in the future, but in the meantime we anticipate this system helping us cut our carbon footprint.”

Anthony Tucker, SAPC bindery and dispatch manager explains how the system improves the customer experience. “Clients also receive updates on their print delivery through email, text messages and by logging into an online system. The dispatch team can also live-track the vans on-screen using GPS, and track accuracy of delivery times.”

“This provides an improved and transparent experience for our customers.”

This is the latest in a range of projects from SAPC which was named winners in November’s Cornwall Sustainability Awards. Recent projects have included unveiling one of Cornwall’s largest roof-based solar panel arrays at their factory and investing £1 million in an energy-efficient printing press.