An innovative emergency accommodation development manufactured from old shipping containers in Cornwall was officially opened in west London last week.

A first of its kind, Marston Court in Ealing was created by Truro-based ISO Spaces in partnership QED Property, Cargotek and Ealing Council.

The solution is an innovative response to housing supply problems in the borough. It is a 34-apartment development created using a kit of moveable and re-usable parts, based around re-purposed shipping containers.

ISO Spaces founder/director, Gregg Curtis, said: “Homelessness is an issue that is always critical at any scale; we need to design and develop more solutions to these issues. Our focus is on providing real products to do that. And working in partnerships with organisations that can deploy those solutions at a meaningful volume is essential.

“We are hoping to engage and work together with many more housing providers and local authorities to continue our work in this vitally important sector.”