KCS finds room to grow


KCS Trade Print is expanding its Launceston factory to allow for further growth.

KCS specialises in manufacturing integrated label forms including 1D and 2D Royal Mail barcodes.

MD, Terrye Teverson, said: “As always in the print industry there are peaks and troughs but we want to maintain our efficiency throughout our busy periods, especially in the period up to Christmas.”

The factory is being extended to one side of the existing building, which has meant moving compactors and re-siting them on the current curtilage.

Teverson continued: “We are doing the work early in the year so that we are ready to maintain productivity later on.  We know lead times are important to our customers and want to try and turn work around as timely as possible.”

KCS has been operating since 1998, producing continuous business forms and pads. It also has a fully equipped digital print room offering personalised print, foiled permits and wide format banners.