A Penryn robot manufacturer has bought new equipment to update its production process and increase efficiency.

Engineered Arts, established in 2004, manufactures a range of humanoid robots that are used for entertainment and social interaction research.

The droids can be designed to tell stories and interact with guests, making them ideal for visitor attractions. The company has supplied robots to the NASA Space Centre in Florida, the National Science Museums of Australia, Spain and Thailand, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The business secured a £200k hire purchase facility from Lloyds Bank’s Commercial Banking to purchase a new CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine that will help produce more of its niche products.

Engineered Arts has an annual turnover of £1 million and employs a team of 14 people, which includes designers, electronic and mechanical engineers and software developers.

Finance manager, Gill Spencer, said: “Experts predict that by 2025, robots and artificial intelligence will be integrated into nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

“While a number of our robots are used by universities researching the science of human and robot relationships, more than 80% of our robots are already in the public sphere interacting and communicating with people at science museums around the world.”