From St Austell to Venice

Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell

A rising star of Cornish engineering has seen her modifications incorporated into a plastics blending machine – after flying to Venice to present her suggestions to the manufacturer face to face.

Sharon Mitchell, of St Austell-based injection moulding specialist Polymermedics, suggested the simplifications to the Piovan Quantum Q7 gravimetric blender, to suit the particular challenges of medical and pharmaceutical moulding.

Her approach was simple. “I looked at the system from an operator’s point of view, and how I want it to work,” she said.

What she may not have expected was that these observations would be forwarded straight to Venice, and that she would fly out to present her recommendations in person.

Polymermedics has a history of working collaboratively with Italian manufacturer, so technical manager, Neil Skyba, was confident Mitchell’s insights could prove useful.

He said: “We have an excellent working relationship with Piovan, so I knew they’d be interested in hearing our suggestions for the system. Sharon’s observations were spot on, so I had no hesitation in sending them straight over.”

The customised Q7 is now hard at work in Polymermedics’ moulding hall.