Helston-based Spiral UK Ltd, manufacturer of spiral, helical and bespoke stairs, are climbing the steps to success despite the existing economic uncertainty.

Increased demand, due to the country’s boom in property renovation projects and bespoke high-end corporate buildings, has seen the company grow by 20% in the last year and now they are looking to expand their team to cope with the popularity of their product.

Andrew Holland, Managing Director of the business, says: “We have been fortunate enough to work at some of the most stunning residential and commercial properties, in partnership with clients and their architects to design, manufacture and install staircases up to a value of £200,000. It is these larger staircases that have seen the most growth over recent months and we are looking to increase our workforce by a further 10% to fulfil this market demand.”

With a 30-year heritage, the team has had to respond to fluctuations in the economy whilst responding to ever-changing interior design trends in the industry. From chic concrete to stainless steel and glass, Spiral UK has fitted out homes from the Cornish coast to the Scottish Highlands as well as in Mayfair, London for football stars and corporate customers such as the Lego head office.

Amongst the team of 49, Spiral has six apprentices and one graduate. There are now additional apprenticeships opportunities, alongside skilled manufacturing process roles.

Andrew Holland concludes: “Our growth relies on the talent of our staff, not just in numbers but also in their personal development. We like to think that when people join our team, we’re investing more in them than just a job; that we’re investing in a partnership with long career prospects, for ambitious engineers. Of course, there’s also seeing behind the scenes of some of the UK’s most stunning and historic buildings.”