Big win for Toy Factory


Goonhavern-based Toy Factory Surfboards has won a contract to produce boards for The Wave, a ‘surfing lake’ which is set to open in Bristol next year.

The Wave will use advanced technology to generate “perfect surfing waves” on a lake, for both experienced surfers and beginners alike.

The Wave Founder, Nick Hounsfield, said: “It is really important that we support the UK surf industry wherever possible and especially those brands that are innovative and exciting.

Toy Factory Surfboards owner Luke Hart
Toy Factory Surfboards owner Luke Hart

Toy Factory Surfboards knows all about making boards for people of all abilities and importantly is also looking to improve the environmental credentials of its manufacturing process.  It’s a company with a similar ethos to us and we are really excited about this partnership.”

Toy Factory owner, Luke Hart, is passionate about UK surfboard manufacture and says he is on a personal mission to counter the influx of the mass produced, cheap import boards that are aimed at the beginner market.

He said: “The majority of the beginner boards in this country are cheaply made pop-outs from China. We want to give beginners and intermediates the chance to have a similar priced board, but which has been designed with their needs in mind and is as low impact environmentally as possible.”

“We were conscious of the carbon footprint of boards being flown from China to be surfed in UK waters. Our surfboards, are designed, shaped, glassed and finished in our factory in Cornwall. Although no surfboard is perfect environmentally, we want to create boards that are as low impact as they possibly can be and we are constantly looking at ways to improve what we are doing.”