UP boost for Cornish Slate


Stevens, The Cornish Slate Company, recently revamped its marketing efforts with the help of two graduates through the Unlocking Potential (UP) programme.

Stevens secured the services of Max Bridges and Carl Wakfer through UP’s Gateway scheme, which enables graduates who are lacking in relevant work experience, to take on short-term projects for early stage businesses.

“We had never even seen a marketing plan before, so Max’s remit was to produce one from a blank piece of paper,” explained Pat Scully, who runs Stevens with his partner Anne Marlow.

“We wanted a plan that would allow us to achieve results on a wafer-thin budget, operating with just two people – so Max had to be very inventive.

“As a result of his work, we have gone from weaving all over the place to having some clear direction and targets.”

Wakfer’s challenge, meanwhile, was to produce two videos showcasing different elements of the business, which specialises in bespoke tableware and giftware.

Scully added: “The importance of high-quality video in today’s market cannot be overstated, and we’re very pleased with what Carl has created.”