Funding concerns over STEM subjects


The manufacturers association, EEF South West, has expressed its funding concerns over STEM subjects.

Responding to publication of A-Level results showing an increase in the number of people choosing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, EEF South West Region external affairs adviser Clive Turner, said: “Manufacturers in the south west will be encouraged that more young people are choosing STEM subjects and achieving good grades – both vital to the region’s future skill needs and beneficial to the employment prospects of the students taking them.

“This is another positive move towards reversing the previous decline in numbers. However, the lack of full funding for additional places announced earlier in the year means that some courses a likely to face a funding squeeze.”

And he added: “Despite steps to increase in the number of university places, particularly in STEM subjects, the funding squeeze could mean that some applicants still miss out. This will not send out the right signal to people considering their subject choices in future and could risk undoing some of the positive progress made in increasing participation in recent years.”