Royal Mail offers green discounts


Royal Mail plans to launch a new bulk mail service from April 2009 that offers a lower price tariff for direct mail that meets newly developed environmental standards.

The Sustainable Mail™ product, which is subject to Postcomm consultation, will be priced up to 4.7% lower than standard Mailsort® prices and will be available to companies that meet criteria based on three key environmental needs – improved sustainability, minimised waste and increased recyclability.

Sustainable Mail™, along with the Responsible Mail™ product offered by Royal Mail’s Wholesale division, will be the first services available to advertisers that are consistent with the forthcoming BSI standard for Environmental Performance for Direct Marketing. The standard, PAS 2020, will be announced later in January with the backing of Royal Mail as well as others including the Direct Marketing Association, Acxiom and advertising organisation ISBA.

To qualify for the Sustainable Mail™ product, mailers must meet the criteria for two specifications – entry level, where prices of up to two per cent below normal Mailsort® tariffs are available, or intermediate level where this increases to 4.7%.

Matthew Neilson, Head of Environmental Solutions at Royal Mail, said:
“Royal Mail is committed to helping businesses improve the environmental performance of their direct mail campaigns and in April we plan to launch a new product that will help firms reduce waste, improve recyclability and the sustainability of their direct mail activities while saving them money.

“We recognise that a more environmentally friendly approach could raise production costs and that is why Sustainable Mail provides a price incentive.”

He added: “Sustainable Mail™ is focussing on direct mail and will support the introduction of PAS 2020. We are also exploring other environmental opportunities for our mail services.”