Plastics factory acts on SAS advice


A Redruth-based plastics manufacturer has become the first factory in the UK to embrace recommendations from Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), designed to stop plastic pellets entering the water environment.

Earlier this year, an SAS investigation highlighted plastic resin pellets littering some of the regions finest beaches in their thousands. And following contact from SAS, Contico Europe has agreed to adopt actions from the ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ manual, a US guide which promotes methods to stop these pellets entering the water environment from poor housekeeping practices at injection moulding factories.

SAS’ campaign manager, Andy Cummins, explained: “Though these pellets are remarkably small, their impacts are remarkably big. We’d like to see all plastic factories following Conitico Europe Limited’s lead and adopt a ‘zero pellet loss plan’ and this dossier can help them achieve it with cheap and simple measures, such as ensuring all storm drains are fitted with catch trays.

“Not only does it help the plastic factories environmental performance but it will also save them money.”

Contico’s Martin Marron added: “Obviously Contico Europe Limited wants to improve efficiency, especially during the current financial climate, but we also strive to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. I hope other factories follow our lead and adopt these measures.”