ReZolve Kernow Leads The Way To Zero Waste


Local not for profit organisation ReZolve Kernow will be moving one step closer to their goals during Zero Waste week.ReZolve has consistently held Zero Waste at the forefront of their vision for the county and will be getting involved with the Zero Waste challenge in a variety of innovative ways.

Cornwall currently sends around 300,000 tonnes of waste to landfill each year.  The disposal of this waste not only has detrimental environmental impacts but also represents a massive waste of limited resources.  ReZolve Kernow’s many projects are aimed at helping individuals, communities and businesses conserve resources and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

During the week, which runs from October 20th – 26th, Executive Director Jon Rolls, along with his family, will be taking up the challenge at home:

“Zero Waste seems so unachievable for many, so we thought we’d take up the challenge.  We think we’re pretty good at home, but I’ve got a horrible feeling this is going to be a big wake up call!  Hopefully it will show us where we can make some big improvements to our lifestyle, which don’t have to cost the earth.”

Jon will be supported by the staff at the ReZolve office who will also be striving to achieve Zero Waste at work; and volunteers at the RE:SOURCE centre will be invited to attend Zero Waste workshops in order to learn about the principles behind the challenge.

Jon who has one child still in nappies will be using washable nappies to help him achieve Zero Waste and he urges local parents to take advantage of a special Zero Waste Week offer of a free nappy trial from ReZolve’s Cornish Real Nappy Project.

In addition ReZolve Kernow will be showcasing the work it has carried out with local company MPAD through the Envision programme.  MPAD received an environmental audit from Justin Olosunde, Business Development Manager at RE:SOURCE and consequently have very nearly achieved Zero Waste for their office operations.  Justin said of the Envision scheme: “Many local businesses have benefitted from an environmental audit which not only addresses their environmental impact but also recognises financial savings that can be made through following better practices.  MPAD estimate that they have saved £1000 since making recommended changes to their company’s procedures and practices.”

The ReZolve team will be keeping blogs of their progress and experiences and posting reports of their success on their website, for more information on any of the activities contact Rebecca Rapson on 01208 265937 or email

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