Conference on Sustainable Action Celebrates Impressive Turn-Out


Press Release

Over 80 environmental activists from around Cornwall attended a conference in Bodmin to promote sustainable action in local communities.

The conference, which was organised by Cornwall Waste Action and Rezolve Kernow, fielded a variety of speakers who demonstrated that it is possible to take action to improve the environment, even at a local level. Prizes were awarded to six organisations to help develop their projects and a further £300 prize sponsored by SITA will be awarded to a community project.

Dan Rogerson, MP for North Cornwall and Dave Meneer, CEO of Fifteen Cornwall opened the conference. Mr Rogerson is committed to seeing environmental improvements and is Honorary Treasurer of the All Party Sustainable Resource Group, which brings together parliamentarians and people from the waste and resource industry to discuss legislation, policy and innovation in the sector. Mr Meneer shared his experiences of making Fifteen as sustainable as possible, which includes investigating Hydro electric power and recycling food waste.

A “Soapbox” spot heard lively presentations from eight local people who shared their experiences on making a difference. The speakers included Pip Richards of the Sustainable Trust in Praze, who manages 75 acres of local woodland and makes charcoal locally and Drew Maguire, a youth representative from Penzance Central Initiative, who is involved in a local composting scheme and encouraging residents to produce less waste and use less energy.

Chris Hines, an environmental catalyst, chaired a session on how people could make a difference in Cornwall. He said:

“It was a real treat to chair such a lively and passionate debate about the sustainability of Cornwall. It naturally progressed to agreement for the need for a blue print of examples from other places of what works – of solutions to problems. Ideas ranged from eco towns, urban regeneration, transport, waste and energy through to quality of life.”

Conference organiser Guy Doncaster from Cornwall Waste Action says:

“I am delighted that so many committed and enthusiastic people attended the conference. I hope that the day provided both inspiration and practical advice to those people who want to do more to help their local community become more sustainable. I am impressed with the existing level of activity but there is clearly a desire to get more projects off the ground; our competition winners will benefit from a range of expert advice to help make this happen”.


Editor’s Notes

  • For further information please contact Cornwall Waste Action: or 01736 334684
  • ReZolve Kernow is a not for profit organisation engaged in activities encouraging sustainability, with a focus on waste and material resource use. Projects include:
      • The innovative RE:SOURCE centre in Bodmin.
      • The Award Winning Cornish Real Nappy Project
      • The Real Nappy Campaign
      • Shreddybed recycled animal bedding
      • Envision – environmental advice for businesses

  • Cornwall Waste Action is a community waste sector organisation, working collaboratively with a range of partners, supporting community involvement in the sustainable use of resources.