New vodka ‘a match made in heaven’


Colwith Farm Distillery launches a new vodka today (Aug 5), pairing Cornish potatoes with berries from Cornwall’s first sea buck plantation, whose juice is known for its vivid orange hue and nutritional properties.

Seaberry Vodka takes Aval Dor Vodka – recently named one of the best vodkas in the world with a Double Gold accolade at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition – as the base, paired with the first harvest of berries from Cornish Seaberry Co in neighbouring Lostwithiel.

Dubbed the “holy fruit of the Himalayas” and “liquid gold”, sea buckthorn has been used for centuries to protect against various ailments including diabetes, stomach ulcers and skin damage.

It has been a long journey towards the distillery’s newest drink…agronomist Seth Pascoe first encountered sea buckthorn on a Himalaya trek in Nepal. He returned home to Cornwall and planted 150 trees.

After a four-year wait and a lengthy trial, Steve Dustow, Colwith Farm Distillery’s owner, is excited to be bringing Seaberry Vodka to market.

“When we learnt that Seth was planting Cornwall’s first sea buck plantation, we knew we had to trial the berries in our spirits,” he said. “It takes four to five years for the plants to bear fruit, but we were willing to wait.

“The timing couldn’t be better, the first harvest coinciding with Aval Dor winning Double Gold. We’ve found a match made in heaven.”

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