New Cornish gin on Crowdfunder


A new small batch Cornish gin is set to hit the shelves and has launched a campaign on Crowdfunder.

Holly’s Gin is the brainchild of 28-year old Holly Harwood, who discovered a love of gin while working at Dolly’s Tea Room in Falmouth, which now has a gin palace with over 300 gins.

She moved to London to gain more experience and had a role as a gin brand ambassador and started a drinks blog. Then earlier this year, she won a viral job for “the best job in the world for gin lovers”.

“ was looking for a ‘gintern’, someone to visit distilleries and create content with gin for a living. I got this job out of 5,000 applicants!” she said.

“Since then I have had the confidence to create my own recipe and design my gin bottle. It was so important for me to have it made in my home county of Cornwall. However, I am now looking for help to make my dream become a reality. Gin is so popular now and I have had enormous support so far.”

To find out more about Holly’s Gin and pledge your support on Crowdfunder, click here.