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Redruth based eco house builder and designer Cloud Nine has just secured over £1/4 million from investors led by Finance Cornwall with significant funding from existing and new business investors, showing a long term commitment to the company. 

The deal was completed at the end of December 2008, with investors backing the company’s push to expand into new markets with its sustainable, low energy and accessibly designed residential houses and eco lodges for holiday accommodation.

Chris Chapman, CEO of Cloud Nine said: “The decision by Finance Cornwall and our other investors to back Cloud Nine demonstrates their confidence that the company and its products can thrive in the current market.

“We believe that the strategy to take our accessibly designed eco houses to push into the eco lodge market will prove effective, providing the holiday market with a longer rented season by attracting more visitors, which is vital in this part of the world.”

Cloud Nine’s low carbon housing with its ultra efficient heating systems that cost as low as £26 a year to heat, make them an ideal replacement for old or temporary holiday dwellings across the region.

Robert Seymour managing director of Finance Cornwall Fund Managers said: “Cloud Nine has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changing markets and has the potential to be very successful through its own innovative design and flexibility. We were more than happy to invest further in the company.”

Cloud Nine has a strict ‘inclusive design’ policy as well as adherence to the ‘lifetime homes’ concept and is urging the region’s tourist industry to meet the needs of all its visitors, whether young, old, parents with children, physically impaired or people recovering from an illness or accident. 

Teresa Timms, Head of Visit Cornwall said: “In a county like Cornwall, where we rely so heavily on tourism it’s vital that we appeal to everyone in our society who wants to visit our glorious beaches, countryside, towns and villages.

“Therefore we support all initiatives that provide accommodation that doesn’t discriminate and is accessible through inclusive design. Not only do we see this as a positive move in its own right but also makes economic sense by increasing the amount of visitors and extending the holiday season.”

Chris Chapman concluded: “Accessible design makes financial as well as ethical sense. For example by 2025 a third of the UK’s population will be over 55 and this group take the most holidays and often has a higher disposable income. Currently only 2% of the region’s tourist accommodation providers are signed up to be accessible and Cloud Nine lodges present an immediate way to meet the opportunity.”

“We hope that our strong products, offering low cost, low carbon and energy efficient homes for the tourist industry and individuals will attract a wider range of visitors to the region through our ‘inclusive’ house design.”


  1. Please would you be so kind as to send me some information on this project as i am interested in purchasing such a home.
    many thanks,
    janine peryer

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