Heaney Solicitors Issue Statement


Solicitors representing Kevin Heaney have issued a statement to clarify the situation regarding the future of Cornish Homes (UK) Ltd and Heaney’s other business interests.

The news of Cornish Homes (UK) Ltd going into liquidation was widely reported this week, but Mr Heaney has been unhappy at the inference in some quarters regarding the future of his other business concerns, including Truro City FC.

Follett Stock has issued the following statement to the press to set.

“My firm is instructed by Mr Heaney both in his personal and professional capacity. We are actively monitoring the news coverage about him on his behalf.

Mr Heaney has been very hurt by the unfair coverage he has received in the media which implies that his personal solvency and that of his group of companies is uncertain. He is particularly upset for the supporters of his beloved Truro City Football Club by the insinuation that it might be under some kind of threat. That is most certainly not the case and his business empire remains robust.

Mr Heaney has transformed Truro City Football Club in the almost four years with which he has so far been associated with it. Cornwall now has football being played at a standard higher than ever before because of his support. The club has been the most successful non league club in the country over the last 3 seasons. Mr Heaney has made a very substantial financial investment in the club. This investment continues and he is currently working on plans for a new stadium and training facilities. He remains committed to the long term future of the club which he continues to support.

Mr Heaney is a director of no less than 13 different companies with a wide ranging portfolio of businesses.

As a director of one of these, Cornish Homes (UK) Limited, he quite rightly decided to call in specialist accountants to advise him as to whether it should cease to trade in order to protect potential creditors when the company’s solvency appeared to be in question. This was entirely in line with the duties that he owed to that company and under the relevant statute. The accountants reported to him that they believed that the company should cease to trade and he of course followed that advice.

It is unfortunately the case that thousands of companies go into liquidation each year and in the current economic climate that number has greatly increased. As he has explained Cornish Homes (UK) Limited is a management company that serviced other parts of the Cornish Homes Group. It is a small part of the overall picture. Mr Heaney has received many telephone calls from creditors of this company asking him to personally meet the debts the company has. He has patiently explained to those creditors that this is not possible. The job of any liquidator is to collect in all the assets of the company and distribute them equally to all the creditors.

We wish to make it clear that we will be instructed to take appropriate action should Mr Heaney’s business interests be undermined by inaccurate and or unfair reporting.”

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  1. as a company that has worked for cornish homes we were paid on time it is not the fault of Mr Hearney but of the downturn in the present economy. the man has done great things for the cornish economy.
    please give the man a break and consider the employment etc he has brought to our region.

    Moderator’s Note:
    Thank you for your comment Simon. I would just like to add that the statement you are commenting on was provided directly by Mr. Heaney’s solicitors. We are not taking any stance on this story just reporting the facts as provided to us.

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