Heathrow publishes expansion ‘manifesto’


Heathrow Airport has published an ‘election-style’ manifesto in a bid to gain more support for its expansion plans.

While the Airports Commission has come out in favour of Heathrow expansion over rival plans at Gatwick and Thames Estuary, or ‘Boris Island’ as it is commonly referred to, the Government has yet to make its final decision.

Heathrow claims its plans would deliver a £211 billion boost to the economy and provide up to 180,000 jobs.

The manifesto says that an expanded Heathrow would also lead to new domestic routes, with Newquay “on the shortlist” to be connected to the UK’s only ‘hub’ airport.

Heathrow chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, said: “Economic security, opportunity for people in every part of Britain, outward looking abroad but fair to our neighbours at home – that is the promise of our manifesto.”

The Government is expected to make a final decision shortly after the EU Referendum on June 23.


  1. One of the most important issues has yet again been overlooked by Heathrow. The residents will NOT GET A PENNY CPO COMPENSATION TILL 2020, This is not inline with the Davis reports recommendations…
    Extract taken from the Davis Report:
    14.45 Heathrow Airport Ltd should make its compensation offer available if and when the Government decides to accept the Commission’s recommendations.

    14.48 Heathrow Airport Ltd should also be prepared to go further if it is to demonstrate a genuine commitment to a world-class compensation package that matches the scale of its business ambitions. That should include working more collaboratively with local communities to identify priorities for compensation and supporting efforts to ensure that those who benefit from expansion also make a fuller contribution to compensating those who endure the noise and other consequences.
    Heathrow have NOT moved one inch, 750 residents will lose their homes, making them wait till for planning consent that will take forever 2020 at least is an utter disgrace….

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