Beano of a website for Sapience


Hayle-based human resources firm Sapience HR has launched its new website, which features cartoons by a renowned Beano artist.

The website was project managed by Unlocking Cornish Potential graduate Becky Palmer, who has created an enhanced new site, allowing users to keep up to date with the latest employment news through a blog and social media channels, while providing a colourful side with the cartoons.

The cartoons have been exclusively drawn for Sapience by Beano artist Nick Brennan. Brennan has worked with Sapience HR in the past on projects, providing an unusual and comical style to traditional topics.

He said: “I’ve had a brilliant time working with Sapience adding a bit of humour into their adverts. It’s been fantastic seeing a local business growing and becoming more successful, and being given the opportunity to contribute to their website with caricatures of the staff was great fun.”

Palmer added: “We were thrilled to have Nick on board to draw the cartoons. They provide a really fun, quirky edge to the website that still reflects exactly what Sapience does. They show us all as super heroes – which of course we are to our clients!

“We hope that this unique edge will help employers understand the types of services that we offer, while making HR appealing and interesting.”


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